Git tools for managing patchsets

Michael keybounce at
Mon Oct 24 09:37:37 PDT 2016

So since MacPorts is moving to git, and from what I saw in the "how to use git" docs you mentioned, you apparently want people to work with patchsets rebased onto the current head from upstream.

As I was thinking about that, I realized that you lose your history of the patchset in the process.

The Git mailing list pointed me to these resources, that I thought I'd pass up to you.

1. git-series: track changes to a patch series over time
" Debian package maintenance tends to have this exact family of problems:
 maintaining a set of patches to upstream code, rebasing those patches on
 new upstream versions, reorganizing/refining/adding/dropping patches,
 having individual patches merged upstream, and backporting changes *from*

2. Stacked git -- looks like a similar system, tracking a "stack of patches".

3. A discussion looking at git-series vs stacked git:

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