Git tools for managing patchsets

Marko Käning mk-macports at
Mon Oct 24 14:57:51 PDT 2016

Hi folks,

when I read only the first two paragraphs of this thread...

On 24 Oct 2016, at 18:37 , Michael <keybounce at> wrote:
> So since MacPorts is moving to git, and from what I saw in the "how to use git" docs you mentioned, you apparently want people to work with patchsets rebased onto the current head from upstream.
> As I was thinking about that, I realized that you lose your history of the patchset in the process.

... I already got the shivers! My goodness, how much did I enjoy the ease of Mercurial! Loosing history because of a patch set?!

Well, but I think what you, Michael, are describing, is only needed if you work with many patches which aren’t really committed to any repository.

Whenever a MacPorts maintainer has finished polishing her/his changes to a specific port, those changes will be rebased on top of the current master - maintaining all the history - as pointed out by others already.

The only question mark I have there is:

	Will we ask the committers to squash their changesets
	or prefer to clutter the main repo with potentially
	many tiny iterations for the changed ports??

Personally I don’t like history rewriting, but a squash every now and then seems fine to me, as an update to a port sometimes requires a few iterations until it is ready for pushing to the central repo and it is usually one logical unit deserving an atomic commit.

Good night,

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