"Failed to open portfile from registry" while reinstalling because of configure.optflags

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 17:17:53 PDT 2016

On Wednesday October 26 2016 00:25:14 Clemens Lang wrote:


> The problem is that we don't see the difference. The code that procudes
> the error is more or less
>   "source $filename"
> which can fail either because the file isn't there, or because the code
> in the file failed.

Yeah. There could be a check if the Portfile exists to catch the 1st possibility, and some more information about the error (if there was one) could be useful too; the catch command can return a string with that information.

> > PortGroup from the same directory as the main PortGroup, and that
> > condition cannot hold for copies in the registry which all live in
> > their own directory.
> So the behavior was actually correct.

Yes. In fact, after fixing the offending code in my stuff I spent at least half an hour trying to figure which of the other recent modifications to my stuff could explain the error I ended up reporting.

Has anyone been able to confirm this issue? For example:

- port -n install foo configure.optflags="-Os -g"
- port -nkvd upgrade --force foo configure.optflags="-Os -g"

> Additional files are not saved alongside the port. You should probably
> avoid depending on external files for the pre- and post-deactivate
> phases and running the Portfile.

Or doing anything with them in the shared parts of the Portfile...

> We could argue that's a bug, but this has worked quite fell so far.

As long as it doesn't make it impossible to do something that's absolutely necessary, it's not a bug but just as shortcoming ;)


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