Question about meson and boost libraries

Benjamin Redelings benjamin.redelings at
Fri Dec 22 18:14:58 UTC 2017


     I'm new to macports.  I'm the author or the bali-phy software, and 
I'm working on updating the ancient Portfile for it.  The software has 
changed a lot since someone wrote the original Portfile years ago, and I 
was completely unfamiliar with the Portfile format yesterday, so I have 
a bit of learning to do.

     One issue I'm running into is that meson isn't finding boost at the 
configure stage.  It might be because its not looking for libraries with 
the -mt suffix.  However, while I'm continuing to look into this, I 
thought I'd ask what the general state of using meson with macports is.  
Is there a place I can go to see discussion of this?

     I'm pretty happy with meson in general - I'm finally willing to 
switch away from autotools.  I've been able to generate cross-builds 
from linux to mingw-w64 and darwin, and I've done native builds on linux 
and osx.  But integration with packaging tools seems to be another layer...

     Thanks for any help!


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