port:mpv issues

Marko Käning mk-macports at posteo.net
Sat Jan 21 13:34:00 UTC 2017

Hi Mihai,

On 21 Jan 2017, at 14:15 , Mihai Moldovan <ionic at ionic.de> wrote:
> Done now.


> Please always include the OS X/macOS version you're running the program under.
> You can ignore the deprecation messages, these aren't changing mpv's behaviour.

Ah… Just realising that this could be due to me trying to run MPV on an "El Capitan" VM…

> I know that error message from my 10.6 VM (and maybe also 10.7, though I have
> never tested on that platform) - I don't know why it doesn't like the pixel
> format there, though.
> In general, this seems to be an OpenGL issue, or rather the error message that
> the OS returns when trying to create the OpenGL context. I have so far been
> unable to find out, why that is, though.

Yeah, had that already with VLC in the past on such VMs…

> If you do see this failure on 10.8 or higher, I have absolutely no clue what
> could be wrong. Is 3D hardware acceleration in general working?

In VMs the 3D accel might not be fully supported. (Am here on Parallels 11.)

Sorry for the noise regarding this.


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