question for the "base gurus"

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Jan 25 18:34:42 UTC 2017

On Wednesday January 25 2017 12:51:07 Brandon Allbery wrote:

>There was at least one past bugfix where the code (for "install" of
>directories, iirc?) was inappropriately using the umask directly.

And that happened intermittently and in such a way that doing things like activating verbose mode (port -v) made the issue go away?

I just noticed that pextlib comes with its own *old* setmode.c (still uses K&R-style declarations...). I'm not enough of an autoconf expert to know how to add pkgconfig test for libbsd if setmode isn't available natively so I'm trying to update the included setmode.c . Not easy either ...


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