Removal of llvm-3.5 and llvm-3.6

Eric A. Borisch eborisch at
Sun Jan 29 19:56:39 UTC 2017

Removing those two should be fine.

On older systems, libomp relies on macports-clang <= 3.7 to build (as >=
3.8 all depend themselves on libomp.) Just something to keep in mind in
"the future."

[Resend with MP e-mail; sorry for duplicates.]

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 1:51 PM, Ken Cunningham <
ken.cunningham.webuse at> wrote:

> > GHC still uses 3.5. I want to change that, but haven't found the time.
> Not any more it doesn't. Not sure if it works when built against
> llvm-3.9, but here is the commit:
> 5ea305307a55f8b3de188568cd89cdb8641d0754
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