Removal of llvm-3.5 and llvm-3.6

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Sun Jan 29 19:57:28 UTC 2017

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 2:51 PM, Ken Cunningham <
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> > GHC still uses 3.5. I want to change that, but haven't found the time.
> Not any more it doesn't. Not sure if it works when built against
> llvm-3.9, but here is the commit:

It's mot enough to change the dependency. ghc's LLVM backend is wired to
specific LLVM versions because the LLVM IR annotations keep changing in
incompatible ways; if you want to use a given ghc version with a different
LLVM version, you will need to dig out the patches that update its
generated IR to match, or -fllvm will produce syntax errors from LLVM.

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