Qmake does not respect compiler choice

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Sat Jul 1 12:07:55 UTC 2017


While trying to solve an issue where one of my ports does not respect the compiler choice (ticket #54372, thanks Ryan for pointing that out), I realised that qmake seems to not be respecting the choice of compiler in any case. 
On Mac, qmake uses by default the 'macx-g++’ configuration, which sets everything to use clang, regardless of the choice of compiler, including flags such as Xarch which are not compatible with gcc. I could reproduce that problem with both mine and other ports.
I noticed that qmake also has config files for instance for gcc 4.2 (macx-g++42) or llvm (macx-llvm), but I did not yet confirm if those could be used. 

I assume that the PortGroup would have to be modified to properly choose the config file depending on the chosen compiler (which I could try to implement), but I wanted to check first if someone already solved that issue, or if I am missing something obvious.



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