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Umesh Singla umeshksingla at macports.org
Thu Jun 22 02:25:00 UTC 2017


    Taking a step back for a moment, why is an SQL database the best way
>>     to store this data? What sorts of queries are you going to want to
>>     run on it? Would a text (Tcl array) representation similar to the
>>     PortIndex be a better fit?
>> We need to store all the information about the existing state of the
>> ports first, then uninstall all the ports and re-install on the updated OS
>> after self-updating using the info we have in the database. So, we can't
>> have a temporary kind of Tcl array representation.
> A Tcl array representation doesn't have to be temporary. It can easily be
> written to a file.
> If the only operations are going to be storing the list of ports and then
> reinstalling all the ports in the list, that says to me that SQL is much
> more complexity than you need.

I'll check with my mentor. I may not have been clear in explaining the need
for SQL or Tcl array representation could be an easy way go.

In registry2 parlance, "imaged" means installed and "installed" means
> active. Confusing I know.

Thanks for the clarification.

- Umesh
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