Fwd: [GSoC] migration

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Jun 25 04:57:47 UTC 2017

On 2017-6-25 08:24 , Umesh Singla wrote:
> Anyway I tried consulting the existing migration guide. Why does it save 
> the list of all installed ports and then sets the requested flags? Only 
> installing the requested and let the dependencies figure out themselves 
> - is it an improvement we're making now?

This works the way it does partly because of the "unrequested port with 
requested variants" scenario I mentioned, and because users don't 
necessarily have the requested flag set on all the ports they want. (We 
didn't always have a requested flag. Also remember we can't currently 
distinguish between requested and unrequested variants.) The idea with 
restore_ports.tcl was to bring back the installed ports exactly as they 
were, as much as possible. Active, inactive, requested and unrequested; 
all just as they were previously.

- Josh

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