gcc & libgcc 6/7/8

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Jun 29 22:25:09 UTC 2017

On Jun 29, 2017, at 14:49, Michael Dickens wrote:

> I recently noticed that gcc7 had an update, and so I've started updating
> it. I'll move it to the 7.1 release shortly. There's also a new gcc8
> snapshot that I'll look into getting up for folks on the bleeding edge
> to try out (as I'm often asked to do for UHD / Volk / GNU Radio).
> The question comes up as to what version "libgcc" should be. Right now
> libgcc is a subport of gcc6. gcc7 requires an updated version of libgcc,
> as I'm guessing gcc8 does.
> I can easily leave libgcc attached to gcc6, and then disable
> libgcc-devel in favor of libgcc7 and libgcc8 ... but, I'm pretty new at
> the gcc / libgcc combo so I'm really not sure what the best or proper
> way to go here is.
> Looking for thoughts and direction on how to proceed. Thx! - MLD

I have done these upgrades for the past several years and plan to do this one also. Here is the ticket:


I have not looked at René's patches and plan to do the upgrade the same way as I have in years past, by looking at how I did the upgrade last time and adapting that to the current portfiles.

The additional wrinkle this time is that we will need a new libgcc6 port which gcc6 and below must depend on (just as gcc45 and below already depend on libgcc45).

Since this will require rebuilding all gcc ports it will require some time to prepare and a lot of time to test-build before committing.

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