running clang compiler test suite from within macports infrastructure?

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Fri Jun 30 00:33:46 UTC 2017

I suspect only Jeremy or LarryV could answer this, but is it possible to run the llvm / clang compiler test suite from within the macports infrastructure?

The clang build on macports is very heavily modified with patches and configuration settings - it seems overwhelming to try to duplicate that as a separate download in the usual way this might have been imagined.

I can turn the llvm & clang tests on with the portfile configure switches easily enough -- and build the port without destrooting or installing it, I guess, to leave everything in place -- but then I suspect I'd be poking around for days trying to figure out how to make this work reliably.

Given how many years clang / llvm has been part of macports, I suspect this has been sorted out -- has anyone already already been through this exercise?

I have clang-3.8 running really quite reliably on ppc now - only exceptions are not working, and not many ports use exceptions. But I'd feel much better if I could run the test suite and see where we really are with it.


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