Question about compiler blacklisting (llvm-gcc for wxWidgets)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu Nov 2 14:39:14 UTC 2017

On 2 November 2017 at 15:16, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> So wait... does wxWidgets require C++11 or not? If it does, that settles the discussion; treat it like any other port that requires C++11 and include the cxx11-1.1 portgroup.

No, it doesn't. But one needs a C++11 flavour of it if another port
linking against wxWidgets requires C++11.

> I see that we already have the wxWidgets-3.0-libcxx and wxWidgets-3.0-cxx11 subports... confusing.

I would have appreciated if Marcus would at least mention it before
committing the new subport, I was just as confused when I saw it two
days ago as you are. But I can see its usefulness.

I made wxWidgets-3.0-libcxx for the sake of FileZilla (which can no
longer be compiled on older systems anyway), even though I can imagine
that more ports would require it, but then again ... these get less
and less testing. Maybe a port that simply uses the cxx11 1.1
PortGroup in fact makes more sense and I'm not sure if we really need
two ports. At some point we will no longer be able to maintain such a
mess of C++11 anyway unless we *really* push forward the effort to
switch to the latest and greatest compiler (either with libc++ or with
that recently introduced hack, it doesn't matter) where we would have
C++11/14/17 available everwhere.


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