mplayer-devel: unofficial dependencies

Peter Brommer p.brommer at
Mon Nov 20 16:38:46 UTC 2017


According to port deps mplayer-devel, this port has the following dependencies:

Fetch Dependencies:   subversion, git
Build Dependencies:   pkgconfig, yasm
Library Dependencies: jpeg, openjpeg15, lame, libiconv, libmad, gnutls, libogg, libopus, libpng, libtheora, libvorbis, lzo2, ncurses, zlib, bzip2, liboil, libass

However, on one of my machines I now find mplayer-devel to be a broken port, as a number of library files are not available:
* /opt/local/lib/libdvdnav.4.dylib
* /opt/local/lib/librtmp.1.dylib
* /opt/local/lib/libfaad.2.dylib
* /opt/local/lib/libdca.0.dylib
* /opt/local/lib/libmpg123.0.dylib
* /opt/local/lib/libdvdread.4.dylib

These libraries are provided by libdvdnav, rtmpdump, faad2, libdca, mpg123, libdvdread, none of which are in the dependency list.

Is this a bug?

If not, can (and should) a macports package use files provided by packages that are present at compile time (but are not formal dependencies of the package to be installed), which are then silently used, and will cause the port to break if they are removed at any point?

The “cure” is obviously to rebuild this port once libraries have been removed, it’s more a question of principle.



Peter Brommer

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