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Fri Oct 20 21:07:31 UTC 2017


What is the result of `git remote -v`?  

Path 1: If it is http, that makes sense that it prompts you each time you push (not commit) for your username/password.  It is possible to set up ssh keys for connecting to GitHub without entering username/password every time.

Path 2: If it is git@, then you are using ssh keys, and you might have a password on your ssh key, for which you should use the KeyChain, perhaps, to keep the password loaded.

Hopefully these are helpful, if not, then write back, and maybe someone else can help.


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> Hi:
> Lately, I have to enter my github username and password every time I commit; git
> used to just remember these.  I suppose it is in a hidden config file somewhere
> but I don’t know where.
> Could some kind soul please give me directions in suitably small words for
> someone of limited git understanding?  ;)
> Thanks,
> Craig

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