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Fri Oct 20 23:54:11 UTC 2017


$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

So, you’re saying that it is normal to have to enter the userid/password on each commit?  Maybe senility is sneaking up on me, but I don’t think I had to do that for the first year or so.


> On Oct 20, 2017, at 5:07 PM, Sterling P. Smith <smithsp at> wrote:
> Craig,
> What is the result of `git remote -v`?  
> Path 1: If it is http, that makes sense that it prompts you each time you push (not commit) for your username/password.  It is possible to set up ssh keys for connecting to GitHub without entering username/password every time.
> Path 2: If it is git@, then you are using ssh keys, and you might have a password on your ssh key, for which you should use the KeyChain, perhaps, to keep the password loaded.
> Hopefully these are helpful, if not, then write back, and maybe someone else can help.
> -Sterling
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>> Hi:
>> Lately, I have to enter my github username and password every time I commit; git
>> used to just remember these.  I suppose it is in a hidden config file somewhere
>> but I don’t know where.
>> Could some kind soul please give me directions in suitably small words for
>> someone of limited git understanding?  ;)
>> Thanks,
>> Craig

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