Server issues?

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Sep 10 20:17:40 UTC 2017

On 2017-9-9 23:56 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Sep 8, 2017, at 17:50, Rainer Müller wrote:
>> On 2017-09-08 18:48, Daniel J. Luke wrote:
>>> One solution might be to separate the build/distfile mirroring from the portfile mirroring. You could probably even do that by running separate rsync's for those on your home connection and doing some QoS setup to depref the build uploads (so they wouldn't block portfile updates).
>> We have gone a almost a full year without distfile mirroring. We really
>> should get it back. If we cannot deploy it on Ryan's servers because of
>> the bandwidth congestion, let's find another solution.
>> Should we look into running the distfile mirroring job on braeburn, our
>> server that also hosts website, Trac, and mailing lists? It is a Linux
>> system, but we have done it this way previously. Other ideas?
>> Similarly, the jobs for updating the website, guide, and man pages have
>> all been written for the buildbot, but were never deployed...
> Bandwidth issues are not the reason these buildbot tasks were not deployed. The reason is I'm not 100% certain what I need to do to deploy them, and deploying them involves putting configuration I don't understand onto the live buildbot server, possibly causing the entire live buildbot server to stop working. I guess I just need to try it, and if there are problems, revert to a known-good config and ask for help.

Please don't feel like you have to do all this alone. I'm sure the whole 
infrastructure team is willing to help. (Would it be possible to set up 
remote access?)

- Josh

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