Help wanted doing some xorg-* updates

Perry E. Metzger pmetzger at
Thu Aug 23 01:30:18 UTC 2018

After seeing a security advisory on one of the xorg ports and
realizing that we hadn't updated a bunch of them in a while and that
xquartz (the project) seems pretty dead, I started going in and
updating various things in xorg-* that hadn't been updated in a while.

The bulk of them were minor revision number bumps and seemed safe, so
I've done them already, but the following seemed more involved because
either there were significant version number bumps:

xorg-libXres   (our version: 1.0.7, livecheck says it's: 1.2.0)

...or because there were patch files involved:

xorg-libxcb    (our version: 1.12, livecheck says it's: 1.13)
xorg-xcb-proto (our version: 1.12, livecheck says it's: 1.13)

...or both

xorg-server    (our version: 1.18.4, livecheck says it's: 1.20.1)

Help with these four is actively solicited. It would be good to make
sure we're up to date, especially given that X11 updates are often
security sensitive.

There's also the curious case of xorg-libXfont2, where our version
seems to be ahead of the livecheck version, and I'm just plain
confused about what is going on.

Perry E. Metzger		pmetzger at

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