registry.db-journal file location

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Feb 5 17:55:42 UTC 2018

Rainer Müller wrote:

>> Indeed, I'm not. I'm seeing the vacuming effects when I do a `port work` or
>> similar AFTER a port uninstall. In the example I gave, I have to remember to
>> do the port uninstall after starting the fetch,checksum,extract,patch steps
>> if I do not want to waste time waiting to get control back.
> Hm, then it is probably not actually the VACUUM operation that causes
> the delay...?

Why would you think that? To be clear, I'm talking about doing `port uninstall` 
in one terminal and the other command(s) in another terminal (or after `port 
uninstall foo &`, in thebackground). The description of what VACUUM does makes 
it a very likely candidate for an IO intensive operation that takes time AND 
blocks both read and write access.


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