Suggestions for hacking sessions & discussions for the MacPorts meeting in March

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Wed Feb 21 16:33:53 UTC 2018


I have a few ideas, but I would like to gather more input about what
you consider the most burning issues that might need some discussions
or hacking sessions during the MacPorts meeting. We'll try to fit
those on the schedule.

Some of my ideas:

- Options for establishing a legal entity (not much we can do on the
spot though)
- New website!!!!!
- Open discussion about PortMgr (you may submit questions etc.)
- Further hacking on buildbot setup: what do we want to achieve ...
- GSOC issues: how to pick the best students, what will be the
prerequisites (which tasks do they need to accomplish before being
selected to show their motivation/ability/expertise), futher
  - presentation of projects done by Zero & Umesh: challenges, suggestions etc.
  - overview of what else needs to be done before merging code by Umesh
- How to deal with huge number of open tickets on Trac
- Various reflections about what migration to GitHub has brought us
and what we miss, how could we improve
- It would be fun to go through features of HB and:
  - write clear explanations (PR statements) about why we do something
things differently (sudo, not using /usr/local) + list of features we
don't want to implement and why
  - assemble a (prioritized) list of features that would also be nice
to have in MP


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