GSoC 2018: Interested in Improving startup item code

Thomas R. Murphy trm70 at
Fri Feb 23 04:34:48 UTC 2018

To throw some lack of XCode experience out there, I've been running with
only the command line tools installed for a while. I get the warning
about possibly failing to build ports each time* I try to
install/upgrade something, but it's still working just fine. However, I
have had the whole of XCode installed at some point.

* Warning text: former is once per run, latter is on every port being
Warning: xcodebuild exists but failed to execute
Warning: Xcode does not appear to be installed; most ports will likely
fail to build.

Thomas R. Murphy (thomas.russell.murphy at, trm70 at
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On 2018-02-22 22:18:18, Jackson Isaac wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 12:07 AM, Abhishek Singh Bisht
> <abhisinghbisht04 at> wrote:
>> Hi Jackson,
>> Thanks for taking time, I appreciate it. Will proceed as you said. Also i
>> was thinking wether or not it’d be feasible to remove all dependencies on
>> Xcode? I mean shouldn’t the command line tools suffice? I read that some
>> ports mandatorily require Xcode, but is there any possibility?
> Yes Xcode-clt should suffice for most of the ports. Some ports may
> depend on XCode itself though.
> I am not sure if any port can be built even without xcode itself. But
> anyways we would like to minimize the dependency on the XCode package
> as such which is 6-7GB for every update they release.
> Probably Clemens can share some insights ?

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