Fwd: [GSoC Mentors] GSoC Org Ideas List should be solid by this Monday at 19:00 UTC for review

Jackson Isaac ijackson at macports.org
Sun Jan 28 18:44:10 UTC 2018

Hi Umesh,

I hope you are receiving mails from GSoC Mentors list.

We might need to revamp our Ideas page. Although there are tasks on
Ideas list, we might have to work on verifying which tasks are doable
and have potential mentors for, this year. Brainstorm any new ideas
that we can add would also help.


Please add detailed ideas to the list, if any.

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Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 1:35 PM
Subject: [GSoC Mentors] GSoC Org Ideas List should be solid by this
Monday at 19:00 UTC for review
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Hi all,

It seems quite a few veteran orgs have 0, or very few, projects listed
on their Ideas List for their GSoC Org apps. Some have something like
"coming soon" with no actual ideas on their page - this will result in
an automatic rejection - please don't let that be you!

Our team has been reviewing hundreds of applications this week and
taking notes and we have noticed MANY orgs that have not completed
their lists (have 1-2 ideas or ideas with 1 sentence describing the
problem) or say 'coming in March', 'coming soon', etc. That's a
'Reject in our book.

We will meet Monday, Jan 29 as a team to start our multi day meetings
going through each and every org application together so you have
until Monday at 19:00 UTC to get your ideas onto your list. You can
always add more ideas later but if you are an Umbrella Org you should
have plenty of ideas listed now - and if you are a smaller org you
should have 4-5 well developed ideas minimum.

And please don't just link to a bug tracker. If the bug tracker has
extensive descriptions about the project/problem then that can
sometimes be fine. But just saying here are 5 things we want worked on
and a sentence about each isn't going to cut it.

If you are an Org Admin I strongly encourage you to go back and look
at your Ideas List before Monday at 19:00 UTC and make sure it is
representative of what you want us to evaluate.

Every year we have a few orgs who give us bad URLs or don't give us
access permission to see their Project Ideas List. Again, please don't
be that org... (your community will not be happy).

Remember, the #1 thing our team considers when choosing which orgs to
accept is the quality of the Project Ideas list. If you have nothing
for us to look at we have to reject you.

Please don't ask us to go and see if your application is okay. If you
have a solid Project Ideas List and have read the Defining a Project
Ideas list from the Mentor Guide and followed the advice your list is
likely good to go.


 Stephanie Taylor
 Open Source Programs, Google
 sttaylor at google.com

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Jackson Isaac

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