Trac not sending messages?

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Sun Jun 24 19:59:08 UTC 2018

* On 06/24/2018 09:50 PM, Clemens Lang wrote:
> Well, the messages on the mailing list still arrive, and I also haven't
> noticed any missing notifications.  Do you have more details on this?

Hm, I haven't been receiving email notifications for a ticket I was (supposedly)
CC'd to, not even for my own comments.

A combination of things seems to have happened:

  - Trac by default does not send out notifications for own new comments
    if you're not CC'd to the ticket (wasn't that different in the past? I might
    remember incorrectly, though.)
  - The CC and owner fields seem to be case-sensitive, i.e., ionic != Ionic.
    I've used the wrong (former) case and thus wasn't correctly added to the CC

Looks like the error was mostly on my part. Thanks.


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