status of the webkit2-gtk-* ports

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Wed Jun 27 16:59:57 UTC 2018

Yan12125 and I have been working on the webkit2-gtk-* ports, and now the webkit2-gtk port is at the latest stable release, and the webkit2-gtk-devel port is at the latest development release.

This allows the latest and one-from latest versions of epiphany to build and function.

However I need to point out something that is probably going to be important in the future.

Development on the webkit2-gtk branch of webkit has diverged from Darwin support upstream. I'm sure there is some official announcement somewhere to be found, but over the past year or so, and past several versions, building webkit2-gtk on Darwin has required resurrecting previous versions of functions to either replace or #ifdef in to the code base.

At present, three files have to be essentially rewritten back to Darwin versions, but no doubt this is going to get worse over time if this trend continues, and will eventually reach an unsustainable state of affairs.

How this might impact the gnome ecosystem on MacPorts / Darwin is to be pondered.



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