Which release supported installation destinations?

George Plymale II georgedp at orbitalimpact.com
Wed Sep 12 00:01:03 UTC 2018

Hi all,

A while back, Emacs 26 came out with advertised support for accessing
Google Drive. Unfortunately, this feature is dependent on GNOME Virtual
file system ( https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/gvfs ). While I was
weighing the ups and downs of trying to install this program (which has
a lot of dependencies and makes me worry that uninstallation will not be
straightforward), I came across a piece of advice from someone about
this issue. He said:

> I have an older version of Macports (for OSX 10.6.8) that gives me the
> ability to control the installation destination, but it has notation
> stating that the destination feature would be going away in later
> releases. It is my recollection that I was able to find the same
> destination feature for my laptop running the last version of El
> Capitan. If you can find a release of Macports that supports (although
> discouraged by the developers) destination installations, you can
> easily install the desired libraries and then delete the entire
> installation from your hard drive if things don't work out. I.e., no
> need to uninstall and so forth -- just rip it out and throw away the
> trash.

> I'd be interested to know if anyone gets this working since I started
> to use GoogleDrive for some business related projects and am just
> uploading or dragging/dropping using Firefox/Chrome and Finder.

I have dug through the ChangeLog and I am not sure which release(s) of
MacPorts this person is referring to. I would like to try out what he's
suggesting, but I'm having a tough time finding this needle in the
proverbial haystack. If someone who knows what he's referring to could
shed some light on this situation, I would be very appreciative.


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