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I have updated the Macports portfile for Reduce snapshot 2018-08-08. Everything seems to function properly, with one exception: When launched in gui mode under X11 the plot command does not open AquaTerm, as if it does not recognize $PATH. When run from the command line, AquaTerm opens and a graph is displayed. I might add that the application bundles reside in /opt/local/libexec/reduce and are symlinked to /Applications/MacPorts/reduce. 

reduce @20180808 (math)

Description:          REDUCE is a graphical Computer Algebra System. It allows for solving
                      differential equations, integration, matrix manipulation and 3D plotting.
                      It also contains a large number of additional packages.

Build Dependencies:   automake, autoconf
Library Dependencies: libedit, libtool, xorg-libXcursor, Xft2, xorg-libXrandr, fontconfig,
                      freetype, ncurses
Runtime Dependencies: gnuplot
Platforms:            darwin
License:              BSD and LGPL-2.1
Maintainers:          Email: mark.brethen at
                      Policy: openmaintainer

Port reduce contains:

Mark Brethen
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