Macports Reduce build

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Sep 23 22:42:41 UTC 2018

On Sep 23, 2018, at 08:17, Mark Brethen wrote:

> I have updated the Macports portfile for Reduce snapshot 2018-08-08. Everything seems to function properly, with one exception: When launched in gui mode under X11 the plot command does not open AquaTerm, as if it does not recognize $PATH. When run from the command line, AquaTerm opens and a graph is displayed.

What do you mean by "launched in gui mode"? Do you mean launching using launch services, such as by double-clicking it in the Finder or clicking it in the Dock or selecting it in Spotlight or by using the `open` command at the command line?

What do you mean by "under X11"?

What is "the plot command"? Is that some feature of reduce? It is supposed to open AquaTerm, which is in $PATH, but it can't find it?

It is normal that apps launched by launch services are not aware of the $PATH you set in the terminal shell, since launch services has nothing to do with terminals.

> I might add that the application bundles reside in /opt/local/libexec/reduce and are symlinked to /Applications/MacPorts/reduce. 
> Port reduce contains:
>   /Applications/MacPorts/reduce/
>   /Applications/MacPorts/reduce/
>   /Applications/MacPorts/reduce/
>   /opt/local/bin/bootstrapreduce
>   /opt/local/bin/csl
>   /opt/local/bin/redcsl
>   /opt/local/bin/redpsl
>   /opt/local/bin/rfcsl
>   /opt/local/bin/rfpsl
>   /opt/local/libexec/reduce/README
>   /opt/local/libexec/reduce/csl/
>   /opt/local/libexec/reduce/csl/
>   /opt/local/libexec/reduce/csl/

According to this, these ".app"s are files. Real ".app"s are directories. So what are these files?

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