Potential problem with small subset of Cocoa ports on Xcode 10

Perry E. Metzger pmetzger at macports.org
Wed Sep 26 22:14:19 UTC 2018

It seems that there's a bad interaction between Xcode 10's new build
system and certain ports. "pinentry-mac" is the only one I've hit so
far but there may be others. The kludge is to tell Xcode 10 (if it is
the version running) to use its old build system. If you hit this,
try the kludge I've added to "pinentry-mac" as a temporary workaround.

(Note that Xcode 10 also seems to be much more strict about include
file paths, which necessitated a distinct required fix on

Perry E. Metzger		pmetzger at macports.org

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