database problems in Mojave

Perry E. Metzger pmetzger at
Fri Sep 28 01:35:37 UTC 2018

On Thu, 27 Sep 2018 21:24:01 -0400 "Perry E. Metzger"
<pmetzger at> wrote:
> I've been having some persistent slowness with registry operations
> in Mojave. I suspect some sort of sqlite3 update issue. Symptoms
> have included very slow scans for port prerequisites and very very
> slow registration of the files in ports with huge numbers of files
> like texlive-fonts-extra. I ran the optimize pragma over the
> database once and it helped a bit but the problems seem to have
> come back. Some operations have taken tens of minutes.
> Help with debugging this is solicited.
> Trac ticket is

BTW, it could be that the two problems above are unrelated. I
shouldn't assume.

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