Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Sat Sep 29 07:19:48 UTC 2018


Is there a chance that we add a new cxx14 (and cxx17) PortGroup, at
least as an intermediate step before a better solution is worked out.

I admit that I don't like zillion portgroup to achieve basically the
same thing (cxx11 cxx14 cxx17 cxx20 ...), but what I like even less is
every single Portfile randomly adding their own selection of
blacklisted compilers, more often than not with lots of flaws, so it
becomes impossible to tell after a while whether a compiler is in fact
blacklisted because the software would not build with it (for whatever
random reason) or because the author just accidentally blacklisted a
compiler for which he thought it would not support C++14.

And then there are cases when a ticket or pull request would be open
for so long that some blacklisted compilers would already become
obsolete/removed by the time the changes get merged :) :) :)

I'm asking because Ryan just pointed out lots of flaws in compiler
blacklisting. It looks as if every single port out of the three
committed in the same batch had a different flaw in C++14


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