[MacPorts] #58848: Error: Failed to build rust: command execution failed

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Wed Aug 21 00:29:00 UTC 2019

On Aug 20, 2019, at 02:19, Dmitri Zaitsev wrote:

> Just trying to understand it better, does it mean when I attempted to access those file, their mirroring had been initiated but it took many hours before the completion? Is it documented somewhere?

When a change to a port is committed, our buildbot is notified. You can watch what the buildbot is doing at https://build.macports.org specifically https://build.macports.org/waterfall

The buildbot builds things as quickly as it can, but if 10 ports are already in the queue waiting to be built, and someone commits an update to yet another port, that 11th port may take awhile to get built, since the other 10 will be built first. Depending on what those other ports are, that could take minutes or hours.

The buildbot doesn't try to mirror distfiles to its own private rsync server until right before it tries to build. Maybe we should restructure our buildbot configuration so that the distfiles are mirrored immediately, even if the build is delayed, but that is not how we have implemented it at present.

The public rsync server periodically (about every 30 minutes) gets any new files from the buildbot's private rsync server. After that's done, your MacPorts will be able to fetch the files from our CDN (https://distfiles.macports.org). There are other mirrors around the world; these sync every few hours with the public rsync server.

> I have built another copy of macports from source in /opt/macports-test, is there any way I can test it against some SSL limiting site?

GitHub and PyPi are sites that require newer SSL these days; you could try accessing those sites.

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