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Eric F (iEFdev) eric at iefdev.se
Sun Feb 10 01:26:14 UTC 2019


I had this idea I want to test here. When creating a Portfile and adding:
maintainers - only GitHub is recognized when adding a username like “@fooBar”.
One *could* cheat and use:

In Portfile:       maintainers    {GitHost:\ @fooBar}
With "port info":  Maintainers:   Email: GitHost: @fooBar

So, I was thinking it would be great with an optional syntax to be able to add a
couple of Git host services: GitLab and Bitbucket (= the 3 big ones), so one
could use something like:

/# just as a test to get the output:/
In Portfile:       maintainers    @fooBar @gh:Foo @gl:Bar @bb:Baz
With "port info":  Maintainers:   GitHub: fooBar
                                  GitHub: Foo
                                  GitLab: Bar
                                  Bitbucket: Baz

I've tested the prefixes by changing “macportports_utils.tcl”, but using github
for all when setting the maintainer, so the part of picking up the prefixes
works. And then I guess it just needs the 2 additional entries to port.tcl. I
haven't tested that part.

Would that be a good idea?
Or maybe it's already been discussed earlier.

· Eric

/// I put a patch here if you want to have a look/test it. Since it's not tested
- see it
// more as a conceptual patch, to visualize the idea: https://git.io/fhHHA/

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