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Mon Feb 11 03:58:41 UTC 2019

On 2/10/19 14:05 , Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> We do support fetching sources of various software from bitbucket and
> gitlab (improved / simplified support underway; Chris mentioned
> https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/pull/3510 for example), but
> that's orthogonal to what you are asking.
Yes, it was.

> Not that I'm aware of. I don't see any real benefit of using GitLab
> compared to GitHub, only lots of additional headaches brought by the
> migration. A while back the only benefit would have been the ability
> to use private repositories, now GitHub offers that functionality for
> free as well. *GitLab offers some CI tools which are **useless to us as there is no (decent) support for Macs anyway.* In my opinion GitHub has
> a way more polished user experience and a few orders of magnitude more
> users, making it much easier to attract new contributors.
That makes sense, and would defeat the purpose.

> With the second one I won a lottery ticket by registering username /
> org name @context (ConTeXt is an excellent typesetting system, LaTeX's
> cousin) and now I'm getting a zillion of useless spam messages every
> time someone hits a "reply" button in autogenerated emails from GitLab
> itself, as the footer contains something like
>    {"@context":"http://schema.org","@type":"EmailMessage","action":{"@type":"ViewAction","name":"View
> Issue","url":"#1 (closed)"}}
/Haha… Bingo! :P/

> I'm not saying that everything about GitHub is perfect. In particular,
> the issue tracker is too limited, which made us decide to stay with
> Trac, which is certainly suboptimal. Another annoying misfeature is
> that *you can only open and close pull requests via UI with one single identity.* So if you are active in both MacPorts and another
> organisation, you can only pick up one default identity for online
> operations.
If it is to any help… I've just registered another account at GitLab to use with
another project because they needed help with their new/next site. Used my main
account first, but switched to a new one now. The plan is to setup a local
instance of GitLab on their server later - so it's more of having an account
(prepared) I'm going to use there later. Anyway, I can be logged in with both
accounts, by using a private window for the other (newer) one. And then I had to
make a separate ssh-shortcut to use with “git clone …”, etc. But, since it's a
private window, I need to login everytime. It's only for a short time, hopefully.

> If it would help anyone, we could gladly mirror the MacPorts sources
> on GitLab, but is there any real benefit to that? If anyone wants
> that, it's easy to set up, I just don't believe that this would really
> bring us any additional users or developers.
One benefit could be the presence, being more visible, even if they'll have to
go to github later. But, I guess there's no */real/* benefit unless it's
possible to sync/integrate, make them work together in some way. In a “perfect
world” it would be nice if one could fork and stuff at GitLab, while you're
managing everything from GitHub.

> Just to make it clear: Despite all the issues listed above I'm super
> super super grateful that someone wrote very decent software like
> GitLab which one can install on a private server and it does the job
> relatively well compared to insanely overpriced GitHub in case you
> need it self-hosted (due to large files) for a hobby project only.
> It's just that I personally don't immediately see any benefit of
> switching to GitLab for MacPorts.
> (If they offered sufficient resources for CI on macOS, I might reconsider.)
> Mojca
I think that was one of the things I had in mind - if you were going that way?
Setting up your own like Gnome has, for example. And like Trac is your own. I
didn't know about the Mac/CI issues, so I agree… Until then, it's not a question
Thanks! for the info and input.

/// btw: Trac is good, but one thing is you can't close you own tickets./

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