Testing an idea

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Mon Feb 11 08:26:33 UTC 2019

On Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 04:58, Eric F (iEFdev) wrote:
> If it is to any help… I've just registered another account at GitLab to use with another project because they needed help with their new/next site. Used my main account first, but switched to a new one now. The plan is to setup a local instance of GitLab on their server later - so it's more of having an account (prepared) I'm going to use there later. Anyway, I can be logged in with both accounts, by using a private window for the other (newer) one. And then I had to make a separate ssh-shortcut to use with “git clone …”, etc. But, since it's a private window, I need to login everytime. It's only for a short time, hopefully.

I'm not talking about the ability to use two account. We certainly
don't want that, or at least I don't want that. I always want to be
logged in as @mojca, but when I merge a PR from MacPorts, I want to
use the ... at macports.org email address, while I want to use
... at mycompany.com or ... at whateverotheropensource.org email address
when doing online edits or merging pull requests in another

If you even need to use private windows to do something useful with
GitLab ... thanks, but no thanks, that's not the answer I was looking
for. Also, you just reminded me that I needed to open quite a bunch of
support requests to be able to even use my account(s) on GitLab. At
the time I registered them I once mistyped my email address. The
account became active, but there was no way to fix the email address,
and I had no permission to delete the account either. I think I ended
up changing the username to a fake one, so that I could keep that
username for another account with correct email. Also, the OAuth was
so broken that I tried to setup OAuth with GMail after registering the
account, and it somehow attached the email address to the wrong
account. I had account A with email a at gmail.com and account B with
email b at gmail.com, but OAuth would attach b at gmail.com to the account
A, and then I could not even login to account B any longer. Total
mess, in any case.

> One benefit could be the presence, being more visible, even if they'll have to go to github later.

Just curious: what precisely would make the project more visible if we
had a mirror on GitLab?

> But, I guess there's no real benefit unless it's possible to sync/integrate, make them work together in some way.

Precisely. If user with an existing account on GitLab could just fork
on GitLab, submit a PR there, and everything would automatically be
mirrored on GitHub (and GitLab, both ways) ... well, then this could
help. But this is currently not doable, so I fail to see benefits.

I often mirror sourceforge projects on GitHub, just because I find
sourceforge impossible to use. And you still get the annoying part
that users keep submitting pull requests (which you cannot disable on
GitHub). If we start getting PRs on GitLab, this would be somewhat
annoying as well.

> // btw: Trac is good, but one thing is you can't close you own tickets.

Maybe this is something that could be fixed / set up by our Trac admins?
(My impression was that it's often more problematic to get feedback
from reporters than reporters being unable to close something, but
maybe I'm wrong. As long as the reporter says: "sorry, false alarm, I
fixed it", it's trivial for any maintainer to close that ticket. But
if reporter doesn't provide feedback, it's often impossible to know
whether that issue was fixed.)


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