LaunchDaemon and startupitem

Eric F (iEFdev) eric at
Mon Jan 21 10:25:16 UTC 2019

On 1/21/19 10:44 , Joshua Root wrote:
>> startupitems        name        dbus-system \
>>                     location    LaunchDaemons \
>>                     uniquename  ${daemon_uniquename} \
>>                     plist       ${daemon_uniquename}.plist
> Sure, that works. You don't have to use the 'startupitems' option unless
> you have more than one startupitem. For a single one you could instead
> set, startupitem.location, etc.
Ok, that's prob better. Thought it looked nice and clean(er) though. :)

> This check in dbus is important:
> if {${startupitem.install} && [geteuid] == 0} {
> You have to put the plist somewhere different if startupitem.install is
> false.
Aah, ok… Yes, of course. I thought perhaps that was a dbus spec thing.

- - -

Speaking of 'puts'… I was thinking on another port where I used a small patch to
create a new file, like:

--- /dev/null
+++ file.ext
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
… etc

Feels like 'puts' is a better(/more proper) way of doing it, and less files to
deal with. If one need to create a new file must be better to do in the
Portfile, rather than sneak it in with a patch. The diff felt a bit like
cheating. :) Perhaps I should change that to using the puts method instead?

· Eric
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