Feedback request regarding speed optimisations in trace mode

Mihir Luthra 1999mihir.luthra at
Thu Jun 6 20:38:35 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I have been working on trace mode optimisation project.
I have added the functionalities to improve the speed. [1]
I tested it on some ports, and it works stably.

Here are some comparisons I made on my machine:

In Original Code
Port gettext (+ deps :ncurses, libiconv, gperf) : 13 mins
In modified code 11 mins

In Original Code
Port glib2 (+ deps :autoconf, automake, bzip2, libedit, libtool, pcre,
pkgconfig, zlib) : 9:50 mins
In modified code 9:30 mins

In Original Code
Port db48 : 2:45 mins
In modified code 2:30 mins

In Original Code
Port perl5.28 (+deps : gdbm, readline) : 7:35 mins
In modified code 7:20 mins

I wanted to know if the speed improvements meet the expectations?
Kindly share some feedback regarding this.


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