macOS 10.15 Read Only root

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Sun Jun 30 10:56:59 UTC 2019


If anyone has 30mins or so free time see the wdcc19 talk at

Is interesting...

Its not clear what specifically this means for MP, but for sure things will not be the same as before. We may also not be able to have /opt as before as it may need to be something like /Volumes/blah/blah/opt.... I am not sure.

Also note the comment about 9mins or so in that so far the betas have not made the system read only. That will come in later betas so just beware when testing things something might still work, for now, but will break come the final/next release...


> On 30 Jun 2019, at 3:15 am, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
>> On Jun 29, 2019, at 19:53, Mark Anderson wrote:
>> Do we have any plans with how to deal with 10.15 not allowing us to create /opt if it doesn’t exist? Or does /opt just come with the file system? I can’t remember.
> macOS does not come with an /opt directory.
> I was not aware that macOS Catalina will prevent the creation of such directories, but I haven't read up on the new system yet. If that is true, then that sounds like a problem for us.
> Just a reminder, make sure that anything discussed about Catalina on this mailing list is information that has already been publicly released.
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