Errors when changing cmake build directory

Fred Wright fw at
Thu May 2 19:00:36 UTC 2019

On Thu, 2 May 2019, Michael Dickens wrote:

> Why not leave the build directory alone & let the cmake 1.1 PG handle it? Most CMake-based ports can handle out-of-source
> building these days, and that's the default for the cmake 1.1 PG, and the default setting here should work for the vast majority
> of cmake-based ports.

But note that CMake's own default is *not* to build out-of-source (with 
extra steps required when you want to), and not all projects build 
correctly out-of-source.  So the PG default behavior is inconsistent with 
CMake itself, as well as just plain not working in some cases, and the 
poor discoverability of the option to change that (as well as the change 
in the default from 1.0) makes that default even more undesirable.

Also note that the benefit of out-of-source builds is negligible in the 
MacPorts environment, anyway.

Fred Wright

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