Guide theme update?

Clemens Lang cal at
Mon May 6 15:49:42 UTC 2019

Hi Horst,

----- On 5 May, 2019, at 16:14, Horst Gutmann macports at wrote:

> I noticed that the main website today (or yesterday) got a little
> refresh with the bright blue tone being more prominent. Is someone
> already working on updating the guide's stylesheet to also reflect that
> change? If not, then I'd also like to update the typography there
> (larger font size with increased line-height). Would that be OK for you
> and what would be the process here? (I already found the correct repo on
> Github and am playing around with the stylesheet).
> P.S.: I'm relatively new to macports as I've used it before about a
> decade ago but just rediscovered it a couple of days ago. I want to help :-)

See and, which has previous discussion on this topic. You may want to sync with Arjun Salyan, Simon Perdrisat and Constantin Panaitescu. As far as I remember, one of them wanted to propose a short meeting on this topic – it would probably be best to join that.


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