Please welcome the four GSOC projects this year

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Mon May 6 22:27:46 UTC 2019

Dear MacPorters,

I'm happy to announce that MacPorts will be participating at Google's
GSOC with four awesome projects this year.

(Those who followed the heavy traffic on the development mailing list
are probably already aware of the excessive amount of traffic we
received in March and April.)

The selected projects are listed here:

1.) Ahmad Satryaji Aulia: Phase Out Xcode Dependency
Mentored by: Marcus Calhoun-Lopez, Clemens Lang
A project touching the MacPorts base should remove the need to install
full Xcode.

2.) Arjun Salyan: Web App (with API) to Collect PortIndex, Build
History and Installation Statistics
Mentored by: Mojca Miklavec, Umesh Singla
A standalone Django app telling you everything about individual ports.

3.) Karan Sheth: Automating Packaging for Macports
Mentored by: Cyril Roelandt (upt author), Renee Otten
A python package to supersede cpan2port, pypi2port etc.

4.) Rajdeep Bharati: Macports Custom Views Plugin for Buildbot
Mentored by: Pierre Tardy, Povilas Kanapickas (both from buildbot),
Mojca Miklavec
Upgrading our build infrastructure to the latest version of buildbot
with new and better views and other improvements.

I would like to congratulate all the students for getting selected and
thank all the mentors, in particular the three external ones who
jumped in to help us deal with the much higher amount of good
proposals than in previous years. We could sadly not accept all the
projects that we would have wanted.

The next three weeks are devoted to the community bonding period when
active participation of student is expected (with mentors' help) to
learn more about the tools and community, improve the planning and
potentially revise the goals and deadlines if needed, and get up to
speed for the great summer coding experience.


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