Please welcome the four GSOC projects this year

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at
Wed May 8 22:32:49 UTC 2019

Greeting, welcome, and congratulations.

Speaking only for myself, e-mail is the best way to communicate.
If the topic is of general interest or concern, a public forum might be appropriate (please CC me however).

This GSOC should be a great experience for all.


> On May 7, 2019, at 10:39 PM, Satryaji Aulia <satraul at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Thank you for selecting me for GSOC 2019, I'm very excited
> to contribute. Congratulations to the others too.
> To my mentors Marcus and Clemens:
> For private communications, is e-mail the most effective way
> or do you prefer I message through something else?
> I will track my deadlines and milestones through github issues
> on my macports-base fork, if that's ok with you. I'll set it up in a
> few days and ask for feedback.
> Besides that, I'll use this period until May 27 to prepare for the
> coding period in general. Please let me know if you have any
> suggestions.
> Thank you again, I look forward to your guidance in the future.
> On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 5:27 AM Mojca Miklavec <mojca at> wrote:
>> Dear MacPorters,
>> I'm happy to announce that MacPorts will be participating at Google's
>> GSOC with four awesome projects this year.
>> (Those who followed the heavy traffic on the development mailing list
>> are probably already aware of the excessive amount of traffic we
>> received in March and April.)
>> The selected projects are listed here:
>> 1.) Ahmad Satryaji Aulia: Phase Out Xcode Dependency
>> Mentored by: Marcus Calhoun-Lopez, Clemens Lang
>> A project touching the MacPorts base should remove the need to install
>> full Xcode.
>> 2.) Arjun Salyan: Web App (with API) to Collect PortIndex, Build
>> History and Installation Statistics
>> Mentored by: Mojca Miklavec, Umesh Singla
>> A standalone Django app telling you everything about individual ports.
>> 3.) Karan Sheth: Automating Packaging for Macports
>> Mentored by: Cyril Roelandt (upt author), Renee Otten
>> A python package to supersede cpan2port, pypi2port etc.
>> 4.) Rajdeep Bharati: Macports Custom Views Plugin for Buildbot
>> Mentored by: Pierre Tardy, Povilas Kanapickas (both from buildbot),
>> Mojca Miklavec
>> Upgrading our build infrastructure to the latest version of buildbot
>> with new and better views and other improvements.
>> I would like to congratulate all the students for getting selected and
>> thank all the mentors, in particular the three external ones who
>> jumped in to help us deal with the much higher amount of good
>> proposals than in previous years. We could sadly not accept all the
>> projects that we would have wanted.
>> The next three weeks are devoted to the community bonding period when
>> active participation of student is expected (with mentors' help) to
>> learn more about the tools and community, improve the planning and
>> potentially revise the goals and deadlines if needed, and get up to
>> speed for the great summer coding experience.
>> Mojca

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