Slack-like chat (also for GSOC)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu May 9 21:38:16 UTC 2019


I know that our official channels only include mailing lists, IRC and
PR/ticket discussion so far, but I'm curious about your stand with
respect to setting up a service like Zulip Chat / Rocket Chat / ...
for aiding the GSOC communication when higher frequency of potentially
simple questions would be needed. I know IRC could fulfill such a
task, but it doesn't work too well for me. (I'm offline when at work,
cannot really use phone efficiently for communication etc..)

Would it be realistic to install such a service on breaburn if needed?
(Or is it too complex / too much work?)

I strongly suspect that one of those services also integrates pretty
well with IRC. I've been using Slack, Zulip, Discord, Gitter at
various occasions and I like the way they work.

Thank you,

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