Octave 5.x on MacPorts

Andrew Janke floss at apjanke.net
Mon May 13 07:01:19 UTC 2019

On 5/13/19 1:45 AM, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2019-5-13 08:40 , Andrew Janke wrote:
>> Would you be willing to do something to improve the situation on
>> MacPorts? As things stand right now, I don't think MacPorts is shipping
>> a usable GUI-mode Octave. And there are GUI-mode users out there. This
>> could include:
>> * Adding an Octave 4.4.x port alongside the main Octave 5.x port
> This seems reasonable, though to be fully functional there would also
> need to be Octave 4 subports of all the octave-* module ports, which may
> also need to be older versions. Please file a ticket (or even better, a
> PR making the necessary changes) and Cc the MacPorts Octave maintainer
> MarcusCalhoun-Lopez.

Right. Would want all those modules, too.

I will attempt to make a PR, including all the octave-* modules. Given
that I'm new to MacPorts, this will probably take me several days, so
please be patient. Thanks for your openness to this request.


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