Slack-like chat (also for GSOC)

Rainer Müller raimue at
Thu May 16 11:21:00 UTC 2019

On 2019-05-14 18:11, Rainer Müller wrote:
> For the self-hosted options, Rocket Chat would be an option. However,
> when we used it at work, after a while I started to miss some kind of
> threading for longer conversations. Although we also usually do not 
> have
> long conversations or that much activity on IRC, so maybe this is not
> that important here.

Turns out the newest version of Rocket Chat already has 
"sub-discussions" for this, so my point above is not fully valid. I have 
not worked with the latest version, so my experience with Rocket Chat 
might be more limited than I thought.


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