Any routine way to switch from x86_64 to i386?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Apr 11 12:02:11 UTC 2020

On Apr 11, 2020, at 06:45, Xim wrote:

> I am doing some port test on a Snow Leopard system. At first and by default, I installed some dependencies with x86_64 arch. I realized the problem, changed the build arch option in macports.conf. But the port system seems a little unstable at dealing with this kind of issue. New dependencies come out again and again during the installing process.  I am currently trying uninstalling and reinstall all (i386) ports. I wonder if there is a routine way of dealing with an arch switch?

If you change build_arch in macports.conf you should probably uninstall and reinstall all ports that are not identified by "port -v installed" as noarch. 

A possible alternative is to install ports with the +universal variant. Then you'll get both x86_64 and i386 at the same time. You can use the "arch" program if you need to try running the 32-bit part of a universal binary on a 64-bit computer. 

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