qt6 is out, and now it looks like we need a plan ....

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 17:20:19 UTC 2020

I installed qt6 this morning on my 2006 MacBook 2,1 running Ubuntu 20.10. So that is out.

On macOS it builds on 10.15+, and deploys to 10.14+. qt6 so far appears to me to be a continuation of the qt5.x line, not a totally incompatible jump like qt4 -> qt5 was I think, although I have to explore that more before that is certain.

How we are going to integrate qt6 into our “qt5” port family is a bit unclear, as it’s obviously qt6 not qt5, yet it’s a continuation of the line so to be considered along with the others...

We probably should have just one default qt port called “qt” that is our current qt offering, and then generate spinoffs like qt4 for incompatible legacy versions.

At least then we won’t have to retool completely for qt7 when that comes out...


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