[errors] php80

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Dec 29 08:29:38 UTC 2020

Re-sending to correct list address. Remember to use list addresses at lists.macports.org, not the old list address that we used prior to 2017.

On Dec 26, 2020, at 15:52, Bjarne D Mathiesen wrote:

> When upgrading from php74
> $=> cat php.bash
> #!/opt/local/bin/bash
> phpOld=${1:-74}
> phpNew=${2:-80}
> while read -a portName -u 9
> do
>   toInstall="${portName[0]/${phpOld}/${phpNew}}"
>   installed=$( port -q installed "${toInstall}" | wc -l )
>   [[ ${installed} -eq 0 ]] && port -cuNp install "${toInstall}"
> done 9< <( port -q installed | grep "php${phpOld}" )
> I get the following errors :
> Error: Port php80-event not found
> Error: Port php80-geoip not found
> Error: Port php80-imagick not found
> Error: Port php80-pdflib not found
> Error: Port php80-scrypt not found
> Error: Port php80-vld not found
> Error: Port php80-xmlrpc not found
> Error: Port php80-yaz not found

I have already added php80 subports to all php module ports that were buildable with php80. The remaining ones, including the ones you listed above, were therefore found not to be php80 compatible. You could file bug reports with each of those projects and hope that they release php80-compatible versions in the future. If they do, we will update to them.

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