One large pull request vs. several small ones?

Jason Liu jasonliu at
Tue May 12 19:55:23 UTC 2020

> Mixing up new ports, with port updates, in one PR would really be a bit of
> a mess, I would say.

Everything is a new port, there are no updates (all library dependencies
that have already been packaged work fine as-is)... but your overall point
is well taken.


On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 2:06 PM Christopher Jones <jonesc at>

> Hi,
> I would definitely say the many small PR approach is preferred to a single
> massive one with many many changes. A big PR like that is not going to help
> get it reviewed quicker. Mixing up new ports, with port updates, in one PR
> would really be a bit of a mess, I would say.
> So yes, please try and submit each update separately. Once you have all
> the bits in place you ca then submit Blender update itself.
> Chris
> On 12 May 2020, at 6:59 pm, Ruben Di Battista <rubendibattista at>
> wrote:
> I think the best approach is to isolate “atomic” changes, and open a PR
> for each of them. This way problems with dependencies can be isolated and
> decoupled from those for Blender.
> If they are really too many, maybe try to provide PRs for semantically
> related libraries or somehow related in some other way (like, “python”
> dependencies). I would say a maximum of 3 - 4 ports per PR?
> I’ll leave the word to more expert members of the community, that’s my
> general approach when I need to merge upstream complex trees of ports...
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> On 12 May 2020 at 19:45:30, Jason Liu (jasonliu at wrote:
> I would like to contribute a portfile for the newest version of Blender. I
> already have a local portfile that is compiling successfully, and I am
> doing some cleanup before submitting a pull request on GitHub. In addition
> to Blender itself, I have also packaged several of Blender's dependent
> libraries, which would also be new ports. My question is: Would it be
> better for me to submit all of the portfiles for Blender and the libraries
> in one single pull request? Or should I submit one pull request for each
> new package individually?
> The reason why I ask is that the dependency tree is a bit complex, with
> some of the libraries dependent on other libraries which I packaged as
> well. And if I were to submit each of the libraries individually, there's
> no telling how long it would take to get each one of them accepted and
> merged before I would be able to submit the Blender portfile.
> --
> Jason Liu
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