Upcoming changes to sending mails

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Tue Nov 17 15:35:50 UTC 2020

Hi macports devs,

as you know, our setup to send emails from aliases under the MacPorts
domain currently is to use your own mail servers to do so using aliasing

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this will no longer work, since
many services are now treating our intentionally lenient SPF record and
a few other behaviors of our mailserver (such as the lack of DKIM
signing) as indicators that we are sending spam. As evidence of this, I
can tell you that we're on the cloudmark IP blacklist for the second
time in a couple of weeks.

As a consequence, I will be setting up an SMTP submission service on our
server. I will also provide a self-service to set your SMTP password
that will leverage GitHub OAuth2 authentication. Once this is done, I'll
send further detailed instructions on how to set your password and
configure your mail clients to use that submission server. I will also
lay out a timeline for you to change to the new mail sending setup.

After the deadline has passed, we will change the SPF and DKIM records
for macports.org, so mail sent from your current setup will be
classified as spam, and likely even be rejected by our mailing list.

Watch this space for further notifications!

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